About Us

Our Philosophy

Springboard Medical Communications is a unique platform for ensuring excellence in strategic medical affairs support and tactical medical communication solutions.

Springboard Medical Communications brings together partners with broad experience in medical affairs strategic leadership, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) mapping and liaison as well as medical communications strategy and tactics to address the full spectrum of needs of the healthcare industry when translating science into impactful messages.

We are committed to delivering tailored-made, holistic, innovative programs that communicate the product’s scientific claims to global and local audiences with the highest standards of excellence and thus help build products of choice that are trusted by their customer.


Our Mission and Vision

By applying a long-term, strategic view to everything we do, our vision is to construct exemplary programs to help build successful products with our clients that will be trusted by their customers. 

Springboard Medical Communications has a mission of being a key business enabler by making excellence and innovation the foundation of forming long-term strategic partnerships with the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. We aspire to provide end-to-end support and expertise in translating science into impactful claims, effective communication strategies and tactics.

Our Values

Springboard Medical Communications is a medical communication and education agency, which believes that benefit is generated by forming a long-term partnership with clients. We have a history of communicating in an open transparent way that builds trust and becomes the foundation of success.    

Springboard Medical Communications is light on its feet and able to respond to client-directed requests as well as being able to make recommendations that have impact.

We also believe that success comes from understanding the client’s needs, objectives, drivers and barriers. Our expertise allows us to effectively apply a helicopter view to the project that would help maximise its value. We promote a culture of partnership with the client aiming to maximise performance and minimise opportunities of errors. 

Springboard Medical Communications delivers excellence in medical affairs strategy and medical communications tactics by being able to provide high quality results and deliverables. We are particularly proud to strictly adhere to our core values of integrity and excellence. No matter how big or small a project is, we apply the same rigorous quality processes. The insights we capture during a project enable us to identify and provide valuable trends.

To learn more about our values please contact us.

Our Experience

Springboard Medical Communications is an alliance between two trusted established agencies providing services to the pharmaceutical industry. The alliance is able to provide holistic end-to-end solutions and strategic medical affairs advice ultimately providing a platform for cross-functional decisions.

Clinical Expert Management is an independent KOL mapping provider established in 2003, gaining a reputation for identifying the right KOLs often against difficult client briefs. Clinical Expert Management is a preferred supplier to a number of different pharmaceutical groups. 

DPP Cordell is a medical communications and training agency which was established in 1989, and has built a reputation of excellence with clients in Europe, USA and Canada, delivering medical communication, education and training solutions for Rx, OTC and medical device products in the healthcare sector.

How We Work

Springboard Medical Communications offers strategic medical affairs advice and end-to-end solutions, ultimately creating a cross-functional decision platform.

We can develop and deliver a holistic but modular strategic medical affairs plan as we are able to comprehend and communicate the product’s data in alignment with the client’s strategy.

We can support the client throughout the whole lifecycle of the product (from pre-launch to maturity) and connect commercial strategy to scientific data and claims to deliver an optimal program. We can develop global medical affairs plans or convert existing ones into local projects.

We are able to support the client in utilizing available data to build effective claims and successfully translate the product claims to targeted communication strategy and tactics.

Our skills in medical affairs process development allows Springboard Medical Communications to help clients operate with quality and compliance. 

Springboard Medical Communications combined experience and skill sets enable us to work independently and set an effective communication plan with our clients. We remove the burden from them and communicate in a collegiate manner, sharing results in an open and effective way.

Partners and Team

Springboard Medical Communications brings together a group of expert professionals in the field led by Grigorios Fotopoulos and Nick Mowat.

Grigorios Fotopoulos

Greg spent more than 20 years of his career as an accomplished Medical Affairs professional in the healthcare industry. He moved from supporting some of the biggest products and therapeutic categories to leading the global medical affairs and global medical excellence functions, for some of the biggest companies in the pharmaceutical sector. Grigorios has developed and led global medical affairs strategic plans and their execution that contributed to the success of products which became no1 in their therapeutic area. His role as a functional leader ensured that teams, strategy, systems and processes were designed, developed and applied to optimise success.

Nick Mowat

Nick spent the first 20 years of his career as a medical publisher and has extensive experience of reaching the professional medical practitioner market using all forms of media. During this time, he represented a major medical publisher on one of the industry’s professional bodies. He has built, and maintained, professional relationships with many key members of the global medical community. Since leaving publishing Nick has devoted himself to the development of Clinical Expert Management which specialises in KOL mapping.